Career Coaching

As an organization well known for leadership training, we have created a new program that trains participants on how to assert themselves as a valuable asset in the workforce, whether it is to local small businesses and organizations or Fortune 500 companies and foundations. The mission is to equip youth and young adults with intrinsic job readiness skills that emphasize leadership with character, and assist them in choosing and thriving in a career suitable to their personality, interest and skill set.  

The appeal of this program is not only the self-development training that directs and informs character excellence for our young people, but the ability to quickly develop and utilize the instruction through internship opportunities. The community and future leader building that takes place through partnerships with small as well as corporate companies creates a much-needed link that encourages employers of every echelon to expect, encourage and even initiate leadership opportunities for youth and young adults. 

The program is comprised of three six-week modules, and participants are required to make a commitment to attending the four one-hour sessions per month. Successful completion of the program includes 45 module hours and 45 intern hours for a total of up to 90 hours of training and instruction, with more advanced students requiring less intern and/or module hours (determined by written and verbal assessment administered by instructor and executive team member).   

We recognize that hands-on experiences build confidence to take on other challenges, therefore the Career Coaching program requires participants that are new to the workforce to complete two internships:  

 On Campus Internship-Participants are familiarized with the basic operations of the Center to learn or improve their work ethic and broaden their skill set. They are required to work in each program as well as administrative department of the center. Depending on their level of readiness when they enter the program, they may advance through the modules to begin internship before the 18 week modules are completed. At the end of this internship, they are evaluated and based on the evaluation, move on to the Off Campus Internship. 

Off Campus Internship-Participants are assigned to a host company to learn entry to intermediate level skills within the company. They are familiarized with company policy and expectation as if an employee, and are assigned a trainer at the site. The intern is evaluated by the trainer at midway and completion of the internship and is responsible for writing a reflective personal story on what was learned from the experience. Although employment at the host site is not guaranteed, a letter of recommendation is expected from the employer.